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Education Focused Startups to watch in South Africa

These top South African education startups are working earnestly to provide innovative educational tools and services. And with increasing investment in the country, entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to create top startups that can compete on the global stage. In this blog post we’ll go over the top EdTech startups that aim to shift the status quo.

Education-focused FinTech startups In South Africa


This year, keep an eye on this South African EdTech startup, Mindjoy. A platform for kids to master the fundamentals of coding, created for those eight years of age and above. Mindjoy stands out from other EdTech businesses because it has a strong focus on building a community of learners and does it by combining both live events and online activities. While teaching in small groups to ensure that each kid gets the most out of the lesson, it provides youngsters with an enjoyable method to learn.


Cape town based, Digemy is a learning solution platform that aims to train teams remotely. It works with training providers to successfully help training organizations transform their physical, in-person seminars to create accessible digital workshops. In order to generate individualized learning, Digemy is attempting to address this by speaking with experts in the field, conducting research, animating, illuminating, and putting content into videos.


Ambani, which means to speak in Tshivenda, is a culture centric education startup that leverages augmented reality and animation to develop learner focused products for language learning. The startup features gamification to encourage engagement and motivation for learners.


Watobe is an educational startup that provides a learning platform for learners who want to take extra math lessons. It was founded in 2019. Through the Watobe platform, students can access live and on-demand content. Those who need to study after school now have easier access to education thanks to this learning platform. Additionally, the cost of this additional instruction is considerably lower than engaging a private teacher.

Explore – Data Science Academy

Explore Data Science Academy is a startup in South Africa that provides education in big data, machine learning, and data science. The learning programmes have been designed by scientists with experience in the global market, and are regularly updated to keep pace with the ever-changing field of data science. They have raised a total of 50 million rands in one funding round.


Another exciting startup on our list is Zaio, derived from the Nguni word ‘okuzayo’ meaning the future. Is a digital learning platform that teaches users how to code with no prior experience. This startup aims to de-risk the hiring process with a work ready graduate training program, addressing the core competency gap.


Beeline is a science-backed learning platform designed to eliminate barriers to effective learning, by helping people take the direct path to their learning goals. This EdTech uses principles rooted in psychology and behavioural science to help develop regular learning habits to boost online course completion rates, knowledge retention, and motivation to learn.


Code4Kids is a startup that delivers the easiest way to upskill teachers and implement a complete coding, robotics, and IT curriculum in the classroom for ages 8-15 using real-world tools and content. While developing actual code, the same kind that developers at firms like Google use, students will acquire relevant material that is combined with lessons in other areas.


iAfrika provides digital access to learning and cultural content in African languages. Thus empowering African language speakers to learn online and in their own languages. Courses are short, easy to complete and focus on skills development.


Yenza is a career pathing and employability application that taps into unlocking opportunities and guiding the youth towards career success. The startup combines advanced psychometry, data-science and intelligent design to guide you to gain career clarity, develop skills and find opportunities faster.

While we will never be able to replicate the magic that occurs when outstanding instructors and students interact face-to-face, we should concentrate on the social components of technology to improve relationships when teachers and students interact virtually. The use of technology to improve teaching and learning in a blended learning environment that reaches kids at home and in the classroom requires much greater focus.

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